10 types of Curved floor lamps

There are tons of different types of curved floor lamps out there; however, three have been picked here today that will fit in with just about any style of decorating that you can think about.

Below are three excellent types curved floor lamps to choose from for all your lighting needs.

The Shaded Lamp

This is a pretty curved lamp. However, the main difference is that it has a shade that has modern lines. The covering can be plain, usually white, or a fancier colored or patterned one. Usually, the plain white shade will come with the lamp, where you can then buy upgraded shades for it at another time.

The Halogen Floor Lamp

This lamp either comes with 1 or 2 different lamps coming from it for directional lighting. The single bulb and dual bulb lamp. Either of these types of curved lamps will have a dimmer switch on them to adjust the brightness of the lantern.

The Modern Arc Lamp

This lamp has a long massive curve in it that allows it to be put into a corner, and still shed light where needed, just by adjusting the adjustable slider in the neck.

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curved floor lamps photo - 2
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