Choosing The Right white table lamps Every Time

It may look like a simple matter to put white table lamps in living rooms and bedrooms to add some additional light and enhance the beauty of your home. But, before you rush out and purchase the first lamp you see, there are some factors that you should evaluate to help you choose the right lighting options for the area where you plan to place the lamp.

Advance preparation

Advance preparation is essential when it comes to evaluating white table lamps. Start by measuring the surface on which the lamp will be placed. You will want to make sure space can accommodate the size of the lamp that you choose.

You should also pay attention to any space constraints; for example, allow additional room if you will be placing the lamp on a table wedged into a corner.

Measure your space where your lamb will be placed

Measuring the space ahead of time will ultimately make it easier when you are re-evaluating table lamps. You should be sure to measure the height and the surface area of the table, as well as the distance from the floor to about the ear level of the person who will most frequently sit next to the lamp.

The bottom edge of the lampshade should align with the person s ear level for maximum illumination. If the lamp is used for reading or other tasks, make sure the fixture and the lampshade are big enough to illuminate the person s line of sight.

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