10 main functions of Vintage marble lamps

Vintage marble lamps are very popular and are widely used in the modern interior design. They can offer something a little different from the mass produced items available in stores.

Using Vintage marble lamps in Home Designs

Vintage lamps have two main functions. Firstly they are practical sources of light for your home that can be used to create soft and cozy lighting effects. Secondly, vintage lamps can offer a stunning decorative feature for your interior.

They are also ideal if you would like something unique but can’t afford modern designer prices. Vintage lamps can be very beautiful and also have the benefit of being a lesser price than the higher end antique lamps.

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What are Vintage Lamps?

There are many different styles and designs of lamps available which can provide centerpieces and design highlights. There will be plenty of choices available, and you should be able to find some suitable lamps in your price range.

A lamp is considered to be vintage if it is anywhere between 40 and 80 years old. Antique lamps, by contrast, must be a minimum of 100 years old.

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