TOP 10 Custom lava lamps 2023

Custom lava lamps entails or constitutes slow and attracting rise and fall of different shaped blobs of work. This suggests that lava lamps uses wax to illuminate light. The lamp was invented by Edward Craven Walker in 1963. These lamps have 25-60 watts.

In addition, they take 20-60 minutes for lamp to hear and thus causing the rising of wax blobs. This rising and falling off wax blobs causes a mesmerizing or attractive effects.


  • Custom lava lamps are decorative in nature. This means that they are used to make a place look attractive.
  • Custom lava lamps start up faster. It takes a minute or less. This makes it to be more convenient and reliable.
  • They are considered to be soothers. As a result, they are used for mood lighting.
  • They come in many colors. This normally favours different consumer preferences.

Place of use

  • They are in homes for domestic purposes.
  • They are also used in hotels. This is because they attractive in nature.
  • Used in ceremonies. They are used in occasions in order to make the place look attractive.

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