Brighten Up Your Space With Modern white floor lamps

White modern floor lamps come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. This allows them to fit into almost any situation that they might be needed. The white color creates a feeling of cleanliness and brightness, a nice addition to any room.

The sleek designs and simple color allow for a professional look when used in such settings. These lamps come in more complex designs that can compliment more relaxed rooms.

Choosing a Design

When adding a lamp to a room, it’s crucial to consider how it fits with the other furniture and color. White lamps will fit with almost any color scheme. The most difficult area is deciding what design of lamp will compliment the room best.

White modern floor lamps come in hundreds of different styles. This is a short compilation of some of the more common ones.


One common style for these lamps is to have them be an arc. This also has a range of options, some imitating a classic adjustable desk lamp and others arching into different designs all together.

These designs are useful when wanting to illuminate a desk or table without hanging an overhead lamp. Another common style uses the classic vertical floor lamp as a starting point. Some will add a smaller lamp branching off the main post.

This style could be useful in many situations. One example is next to a couch. The offshoot allows for direct reading light, while the main lamp gives a general illumination to the room.

Using White Lamps

The color white communicates that an area is bright, clean, and fresh. White is the color of rebirth and new beginnings. A white modern floor lamp will be able to make a room look new with only this one addition.

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The modern styles bring a sense of youth, and this is further accented by the white color. Placing a white modern floor lamp in an otherwise vintage room adds a nice sense of contrast without being overpowering.

Placing one of these lamps next to the kitchen table in lieu of an overhead is another idea. The color white’s association with cleanliness will make a fantastic addition to any kitchen.

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