Discovering how to make a Jack Daniels lamp

Did you know that you can use those Jack Daniels empty bottles that are in your room if not already in the trash can to make elegant lamps? Well, Jack Daniels lamps are very easy to make.

With just a bulb, a lamp cord, a lamp nipple and a switch, assembling them on the empty Jack Daniels bottle can get you an amazing homemade decorative accent.

The process of assembling the Jack Daniels lamp

It is fast and almost everybody can do it as it requires very less technical know-how;

  • Carefully drill a hole on the base of the bottle. Make sure you add drilling oil to make the drilling easier and faster.
  • Drill a hole on the bottle top and insert the lamp nipple.
  • Connect an electric cable to the socket.


Using wood glue, you can place a wooden block at the base of the bottle to provide for a firmer support of the lamp. Add a lamp shade at the top of the bottle to regulate the light.

Making a Jack Daniels lamp is an easy task and will surely get you an elegant homemade lamp that can be used dynamically wherever you wish to at home.

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