The beauty of your own homemade lava lamp with salt

Homemade stuff is the best when it comes to lamps. Here on, we present you homemade lava lamp with salt. It is easy to make and the effect is amazing. You just need few basic things.

Lava effect

Take a jar that has a deep bottom, because you want to get the lava effect. Pour the water to the top of the jar and leave some space for other ingredients. Choose the color you like the most.

It might be blue, red or whatever color you like. Food coloring drops will be perfect for this occasion. Add drops until you see the color intensity you want to achieve.

Color drops

Homemade lava lamps with salt require some salt, of course. After color drops, add oil and stir the mixture. At the end, pour good amount of salt and you will see the reaction. Lava effect is obvious and your experiment is complete.

Place the homemade lava lamp with salt in front of a light source and enjoy your gorgeous new lamp.

#1 Monocolored Options

Sometimes science can be hardly different from magic as the results can look totally unbelievable. The homemade lava lamps are an awesome example of such thing. It utilizes the simplest ingredients like salt, food coloring, water and oil to gain the most amazing liquid show that will appear before your eyes. It’s an excellent means for children to learn science as well.


#2 Luminous Blue

To make the simplest lava lamp you won’t even have to leave the kitchen as all the necessary items are usual ingredients for cooking such as vegetable oil and salt. However, you need to add some. The only thing that might be necessary to buy is food coloring and glitter, though it can work fine without glitter as it only adds some extra sparkle. After all the ingredients are ready you can use a flash light to see the lava presentation.

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#3 Various Hues

When lava lamp is made at home, it is possible to acquire almost any density and color of the lamp that can be placed into any glass cup or a jar. After closing the lid tightly and shaking a jar intensively you will obtain dancing amorphous shapes which will move mysteriously under the light from any source. Experiment with colors and proportion of ingredients to gain extra unusual effects.

#4 Dripping Azure

The effect of moving blobs in lava lamp strongly depends on salt. So if you wish to observe a more effective show, you need to add more salt to the fluid to gain a stronger reaction with other elements in the vessel. The correct work will result in a greater speed of moments as well as physical influence. After you apply some light, you’ll see a gorgeous light show of your new lamp.

#5 Lava in a Bottle

Lava lamps can be made in various vessels, but there always should be enough space for reaction. In this aspect a plastic bottle can be the most comfortable item for crafting the mixture for your awesome lava lamp. The plastic will contain all the ingredients ready and is not afraid of any fall damage as glass jars do. By means of miniature bottles one can make even a garland of lava lamps.

#6 Just Pour and Shake

Oil is a magical fluid that is the most important ingredient in many lava lamps. Due to high density oil does not diffuse in water and preserves shape, mysteriously lingering within the layers of water. The coloring pigment is responsible for changing the color of the substance without causing any change in chemical content. The food salt is the necessary catalyst that causes the movement of the oil.

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#7 Create a Reaction

The reaction in lava lamp can be caused not only by salts, but also with pills such as Alka-Seltzer – it starts diffusing immediately after the contact with water. It produces a huge amount of carbon dioxide that is responsible for a great speed of oil movements within the container. When highlighted with a light it will show you an awesome performance.

homemade lava lamp with salt photo - 3

#8 It’s Alive

The greatest similarity to real lava can be achieved by using unrefined oil as it has a greater orange hue with a red pigment. The oil will give some hue to the water and when half of oil will be mixed with a stream of cold water it will fall into a great amount of miniature balls which will move slowly within the jar. After adding the catalyst the reaction will begin and you will see an awesome light show.

homemade lava lamp with salt photo - 7

#9 Full Set for Lava Lamp

As you can see at this picture, constructing homemade lava lamp does not require a lot of skills and time to do. The procedure can be undertaken even by a schooler of a primary school. If you are interested in teaching your child something awesome and amazing, you definitely need to try making such a lamp. Be confident that you and your kid will be fascinated with it.

homemade lava lamp with salt photo - 8

#10 Night Show

The lava lamps do not produce the light on their own. They are highlighted with additional source of light that helps demonstrating the chemical beauty at maximum level. The light can be placed behind the lamp or you can construct either a special container or fixture for the light at the bottom to make the lamp ready for a daily exploitation. You may need to plug into the socket or change the batteries when time comes.

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