Gladys goose lamp – give your home an old world charm

If you are searching for old school charm then this life sized Gladys goose lamp generates a lovely warm homely glow. Who would not want the gift of the season enlivening their mantelpiece?

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Joy and warmth

A Gladys Goose Lamp is an item that every house could happily accommodate. It offers you joy and warmth throughout the year. This interesting lamp is one of the cutest and it is also an all time classic white goose gift.

Harking way back in time, this lamp speaks to a definitive time and place.

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Old world charm

In design terms, it is one of the 1970s most iconic household items. It feels like something that you had in your bygone childhood days. Expertly crafted, it is hand painted and made from high quality, tough pvc with no visible unsightly seams.

This is a highly entertaining and nostalgic Gladys goose lamp made of polychrome additionally formed into the eccentric shape of a goose. It is lit from the inside out and rests eloquently on a green painted metal base.

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