Evolution of Artist lamps

The artist lamps one of the most enduring images depicting creativity since the introduction of visual media. The image of the artist doing his/her work at night with the aid of an adjustable single light source.

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The artist lamp is an essential tool for the trade of various visual art professionals such as photographers, painters, illustrators and so on. Like many other tools of the trade, these lamps have undergone their own technological evolution with there being a huge variety of lamps out there for different purposes.

Photographers usually need a lot more light than a painter would due to the peculiarities of their jobs, this has made photography lighting into the major driver for innovation for the artist lamp from the overhead fog lights to the adjustable simple single bulb.

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Painters and illustrators are able to choose from a wide variety of lighting types which makes work easier. From the choice of natural light also known as full-spectrum light to fluorescent ones, the artist lamp has never had a better purpose than it does in today’s modern times.

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