Understanding the Sugar skull lamp – 10 facts to know

Sugar skull lamps are revolutionary and expressive. They defy conventions in lighting and accord the user a chance to bring out the gothic in him or her. They also come in various styles providing adequate lighting for a gothic themed event.

However, understanding the main advantages of the sugar skull lamp is the first step geared towards its successful use.


Sugar skull lamps are probably the most artistic lamp design in the market. They vary in designs such that one can decide to use the stand alone version. Other designs include murals made of skull shaped lamps.

Hanging them can act as a décor and a source of lighting.

sugar skull lamp photo - 1


The appealing aspect of the sugar skull lamp is its ability to appeal to push the conventions. While gothic art is concentrated in some spheres, the sugar skull lamp is the first attempt to bring it into the lighting and interior design.

sugar skull lamp photo - 2
sugar skull lamp photo - 3
sugar skull lamp photo - 4
sugar skull lamp photo - 5
sugar skull lamp photo - 6
sugar skull lamp photo - 7
sugar skull lamp photo - 8
sugar skull lamp photo - 9

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