10 things you need to know about Uv led nail lamp

UV led nail lamps has become very popular because of its unique application. LED nail lamps are used in salons when applying gel nails. However, you can also use these lamps at home to ensure proper nail care and treatment.

What is it Made Of?

As the name implies UV LED nail lamps uses a led diode to emit light. Though most of these lamps emit a little bit of heat, not all of them do. A LED nail lamp is a very efficient tool in enhancing the overall appearance of your nails after applying the gel coating.

How to Use a LED Nail Lamp

Using a UV led nail lamp is pretty straightforward. After doing your nail art, you will need to coat it with nail gel. This is when you use the lamp. The lamp speeds up the application of the gel coating.

It also makes the gel coating shinier giving it a more uniformed look. It only takes a couple of minutes for it to dry.


Though relatively new, LED nail lamps have created quite a lot of buzz. Having a LED nail lamp at home can will give you that professional manicured look in no time.

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