10 reasons to buy Flamingo lamp

We are not talking about the dance form here, but the flamingo lamps sure do set the mood for getting ones’ groove on. Flamingo lamps look just like the bright pink feathered American birds.

A flamingo lamp adds a tropical touch to the room, and can accentuate any corner of a room.

Why Flamingo Lamps?

Why not? There are various options to pick from in the designs of the flamingo lamps. Right from an understated corner light, to a popping LED panelled wall lamp.

Your home is a silent statement before the world, that speaks of who you are as a person. Adding one of these unique lamps shows your fun-loving personality to anyone who visits.

Where to use them?

These lamps can be quite attention grabbing; be it with their flamingo shaped stands or bright printed lamp shades. Therefore, you can use them in almost any corner of the house.

The LED flamingo lamp makes for a great wall decor in your kids room, or you could use the flamingo table lamp as a centre piece. Adding them to a patio gets the mood set right away for that summery pool party vibe. Hallways are also a great place to have these leggy birds light up and show you the way ahead!

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flamingo lamp photo - 2
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