1940s lamps – fit the patriarchal way of living you found in those days

If we are looking at the history of lamps and lights then almost every decade has had their designers and their own personal style, so it also is with 1940s lamps, they too have a life of their own. The designers of the forties were not as adventure as the ones that would come after them.

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More traditional

1940s lamp is often something that is very traditional, it is something that is made to look like a lamp and to have the function of being able to produce a lot of light. The lamps from this period is held in straight lines and is looking like a small piece of art and works as any other lamp.

The lamps are much more traditional and they are will often be made to fit the patriarchal way of living you found in those days.
the traditions of the designers kept to what they knew and they did not go too far out of their comfort zone.

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Materials used

Designers from this area often used materials like glass, iron, wood and fabric and they kept to what would work. The did not experience with any of the new materials that was coming up as in those days.

The fabric is used for lampshades, not to design anything, and if you design anything on the fab ric, then it is often nature that is used as inspiration.

The lines of the 1940 Lamps are very straight and they are in tune with the style of other fashion areas of this period, they are keeping to simplicity and trying not to break conformity.

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The materials were also hard to come by because of the war and they had to use what was at hand, they could not go and order what they wanted, they often had to settle.

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