Hard hat lamp – free lighting that is focused on the area

We have all seen those images of workers down in the mines wearing their hard hat lamps. When you see that, it is hard to imagine how such an item could be useful outside of that situation. In reality, hard hat lamps are an incredibly useful item to keep in your home or garage.

Hands free

A hard hat lamp allows for hands free lighting that is focused on the area of steady. For example, if you are working on your car in the garage and need to take a look under the car, a head lamp would allow you to look around and feel for problems all while having a steady source of light focused in the direction you are working.


Hard hat lamps are also useful in the case of a power outage or weather related emergency. If you live in a home with a basement and need to fix something during a power outage, a hard hat lamp could just be a life saver.

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