TOP 10 Girls lamps of 2023

Girls lamps can add a lot of design and functionality to a girl’s room. Not only do they add a decorative touch, but they can also be handy so that you don’t have to turn on a bright overhead light in the room.

Design Considerations When Choosing a girls Lamp

When choosing girls lamps for a girl’s room, take the overall color scheme and decorating theme into consideration. If you have an overall room motif, such as teddy bears, baby blocks or butterflies, you can add a decorative touch to the room if you choose a lamp with a coordinating pattern.

Lamps with a dainty design can add a very feminine look to the room. However, always choose a lamp that has good overall balance and a weighted base, so that it won’t tip over easily, even if bumped accidentally by yourself or your girl.

Functional Factors to Consider

It’s important to remember when choosing a girls lamp that design is not the only thing to consider. You’ll also want to choose a girls lamp that suits the room’s functional needs.

For example, a small candlestick lamp with a shade can add a quaint look to a table beside your girl’s rocking chair. However, you’ll also find this lamp very useful for midnight feedings when you don’t want to use the glaring overhead light.

Creating Your Own Custom girls Lamp

It’s also fun to make your decorative shade by using fabric, fringe, and other trims to accessorize a plain lampshade. You can even add your girl’s name to the shade with fabric letters or fabric paint for a very personalized touch.

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#1 Bella Lamp

This Bella Lamp is suitable for those girls who like cute things, but don’t want too girlish ones. This good looking light accessory will become an irreplaceable element of the room’s décor. There is a whole bedroom set performed in this style, so it will be possible to find all the elements of the interior which will fit each other. However, this lamp can be considered a separate decorative element as well.

#2 Music Modern Lamp

There are plenty of lamps that would be suitable for girls. What’s so special about this one? It’s not just a plain standard lamp; it has got a special speaker cube for an mp3 player or a mobile that will play the favorite music of the owner. There are plenty of color variations among which pink, violet and turquoise are the most popular ones. There are also two variants of the lamp table top and floor lamps which can be acquired as a set.

#3 Peppa Pig Fun Lamp

It is hard to find people who haven’t heard about Peppa – a funny pig which lives together with her Father Pig and has adventures every day. If your daughter has watched the cartoon and liked it, this lamp would be a nice gift idea for a little one. The lamps are made of top quality British materials and the manufacturer guarantees that the colors will remain bright for a long time without fading away.

#4 High Heel Lamp

This stylish high heel lamp would look great in any girl’s bedroom. If your daughter is too small to wear heels, whole pile of high-heeled shoes with a lamp and a stylish pink fluffy trim. The item has got all the things that girls like: cute design, bright colors, fashionable style and even flowers to crown it all. It will be an excellent gift that your daughter will surely like.

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#5 Delicious Cupcake Lamp

If you want to add some sweet decoration element to the room of the girl and she adores cupcakes – this cupcake lamp will seem an excellent idea. Performed with a great quality this cupcake will suit not only a room of a girl, but also some cupcake café. Put it on the bed side table, but be careful not to eat the cupcake during the night.

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#6 Cute Kitty for a Girl

Hello kitty is one of the best loved characters among girls. If your daughter is a fan of such a character this lamp would be a great present to her. Nevertheless this cute little kitten will be an excellent addition to the interior of any girl. At night this lamps looks especially gorgeous as if Kitty is lying under the sun taking sunbathes. It will be a wonderful defender of your baby’s sleep.

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#7 Lettered Drum Lamp

Is your baby afraid of dark? Does she think that someone lives under her bed? Present her a nice bed side lamp. This lettered lamp will be a good present as it is both stylish and eco-friendly. It is made of hypoallergenic cotton fabrics that resist dust and easy to clean by simple wiping. The most important is the availability to choose the letter of the lamp to fit the name of the child. In this way your loved one will have a personal lamp with a private label on it.

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#8 Twin Pink Lamps

Pink color is an excellent solution for decors in the bedroom of a girl. This pair of twin lamps will definitely find its place somewhere in the bedroom. It doesn’t give too much light, although that would be surely enough for evening fairy tale reading or drawing on the desk. The set is made of decent ceramics and has got a strong basis for a greater stability. It will suit both small girls and even teenagers.

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#9 Stylish modern Girl Lamp

The lamp of this kind would be a perfect gift for a young lady of any age. It is made of pure metal so there won’t be any need to worry about its durability. Overall design is really more suitable for some modern bedroom that prefers high-tech solutions for décor rather than some fluffy stuff. It has got a powerful lamp and the paillettes will refract the light casting beautiful shadows on the walls.

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#10 Tiny Princess Castle

Every little girl dreams of being in a fairy tale castle. This nice pink castle lamp would become an excellent addition to the room of any little girl. The item is made of good sturdy plastic and it will be able to withstand the falls if accidents happen. It will look great on a bedside table or on a desk. Bring some fairy tale magic into the life of your daughters until they have grown up.

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