Ginger jar lamps – 10 reasons to buy

Have you been to a hotel or watched a Chinese movie and seen a classic white and blue table lamp? That’s ginger jar table lamp. Ginger Jar lamps are perfect for a Asian themed country style bed room or traditional living room and gives an aesthetic touch to your bedroom. This single piece of decorative can inject a unique style and transform the interior of your house.

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The traditional ginger jar style are typically porcelain table lamp with white floral pattern. The artwork is somewhat complicated with Chinese inscriptions and might be alternating at the different dimensions of the lamp. The charming blend of colors and floral cover elegantly elevates the look of it.

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Where to place ginger jar lamp?

  • Looks great on a console table and shelf adding personality.
  • A touch of light and color where you need it most is, perhaps your work desk.
  • A pair flanking the bed and is equally good for master room or your guest room.

Regardless where you place , ensure you get the right shade. You can easily change your room’s look just by changing the shade.

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