Adjustable lamps – 15 methods to create the ambiance of your room

Lighting is usually the determinant factor when it comes to creating the ambiance of a room. The type of lightning can determine and change the mood of a room, from calm and romantic to vibrant and somewhat energizing thus the existence of different kinds of lighting.

Adjustable lamps is one of the many forms of lighting. It is commonly referred to as task lighting and can be placed near, above or directly adjacent to an area that needs high illumination.

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Main feature

One main feature of adjustable lamps that sets it apart from other lamps is that one can adjust it freely at any whim to better suit one’s need. Its main aim is focus and that is why adjustable lamps are what one needs to do a specific job thus used mostly in homes or offices.

When one needs to read, use a computer, sew or even cook, it comes in handy. An Anglepoise that can be dated back to 1932 by Carwardine, a car designer and a goose-neck lamp that can either be free standing floor lamps or desk lamp are good examples of adjustable lamps.

With the adjustable neck, a goose-neck lamp allows focus on the exact spot needed.The bulbs that they use are always tungsten, halogen and fluorescent bulbs.

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Ways to work

When working with an adjustable lamp, one needs to place it as close to the working area as possible, notably because of their sizes and also to enable highest illumination at the task in hand.

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It needs to placed on the left side and slightly in front of a right handed person and the vice versa for a left handed person to reduce shadows being cast by an individual’s hand etc. The adjustable lamp should be placed beside what is being done and not at it’s front in order to avoid reflection.

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So when looking for a flexible lamp that can help you do a specific task, shop for an adjustable lamp with confidence.

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