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Peacock Tiffany lamp is well known for good reasons. Essentially the most obvious of which is the spectacular use and showcase of exceptional quality art glass, that in the 19th century, had been hand cut and then assembled into the particular artistic structures utilizing a special procedure.

It has unique art design, the unique construction technique and the hand cut art glass all play a role in the extraordinary attributes.

The distinct kinds of Peacock Tiffany lamps

The Tiffany Peacock Tiffany lamps are available in special styles and designs. This stylish breed of lighting units can be found in various types. The three most well-known are the following.

Handcrafted Peacock Tiffany lamp

Translated as “handcrafted,” this Peacock Tiffany lamp is the first lamp shade that Tiffany created himself. These lamps typically come with an LCT or Favrile engraving. The lamps built under this particular patent showcased stained glass windows and leaded and blown shades.

Geometric Peacock Tiffany lamps

These lamps refer to the category of leaded-glass lamps with the most basic of styles. These fixtures come with ordinary geometric concepts and forms. These had been constructed employing bits of poured glass sliced in portions, edges using copper foil, and then assembled to create a complete fixture.

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