The real magic of the Floor lamps with reading light

A floor lamp is an object that adds an elegant or fashionable mood to any room, a floor lamp with a reading light, in other hand, adds elegance, style and functionality.

But with what combination of furniture it should be used?

Furniture Combination

In fact, this type of lamp comes in many styles so the number of combinations that can be made is huge, but there are two that will always look great and with which there’s no possibility of making a mistake.

Wood furniture and golden or beige decor goes beautifully with floor lamps with reading lights (just use a yellow light with your lamp)in any style, because in this case the furniture and decor are going to dictate the look in this room.

White furniture with dark or bright decor should always go with white light in your floor lamp reading light.

The Perfect Spot

Since comes floor lamp reading light, the perfect spot to be places is near a comfortable armchair where you’ll enjoy your night readings even more.

floor lamp reading light photo - 3
floor lamp reading light photo - 5
floor lamp reading light photo - 9

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