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Most people tend to drift away from floor lamps when decorating their rooms. People need to know that the traditional floor lamp with the black pole and white shade doesn’t really exist anymore. Places such as Lowes, have a very nice assortment of floor lamps that they can choose from.

When decorating, a floor lamp can provide more than just lighting to any room. The perfect floor lamp can provide character, style, definition, and add a personal touch to any room. Some floor lamps now have a really nice antique brushed pole with a nice shade to match. Some of the newest floor lamps that are coming out have a very creative touch added to them.

One in particular from Lowes has a five shade attachment meaning there are 5 different lighting fixtures on the lamp. Another lamp that is really popular is the furniture floor lamp. It’s a floor lamp with a table that is built around the pole. This will still give you the table space without having to place a lamp on the table. Those are just some of the style that are available, but there are reasons to have a floor lamp lowes also.

Reasons To Have A Floor Lamp

Style isn’t just the only reason to have a floor lamp lowes. Some of the other reasons include:

  • You can have more space because you are not forced to buy a table to put a lamp on.
  • Floor lamps are lightweight meaning they can be moved anywhere without a struggle.
  • Floor lamps also will light some of the darkest corners in your room bringing your entire room to life.

I’m not saying that set-top lamps are a bad thing because they aren’t. I’m just saying that in the long run, you will be much happier if you purchase a nice floor lamp that goes with the style of your room.

#1 Elegant Slim Pillar Floor Lamp

An attractive floor lamp like this will look really attractive regardless of the place where it is installed. You won’t find any fancy decoration in this model as the main goal was to create an item with contrasting elements which will emphasize the style of the item in the simplest manner. You do not always need some extraordinary accessories to make the interior amazing.



#2 Chrome Flower Design

The flowers are frequently an idea for inspiration when adesigner wants to create something of an unbelievable beauty. This model of the lamp seems simple yet very fashionable due to the flowers which look very close to life. This model will add some extra warmth to the room. The metal construction adds realism to the foliage around the flowers.

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#3 Bronze Torchiere Floor Lamp Lowe

The classic style of the lamps is universal due to their applicability in the surrounding interiors. This torchiere can become a fine attribute of the furniture complex that will perfectly match the furniture made in dark wood. A standard shape of the model introduces a swift bends and a bowl like fumed glass shade, where the light is dissipated upwards.


#4 Metal Art Black Floor Lamp

This slim floor lamp Lowe resembles an elegant tree that is composed of a metal stem and a slim shaped leg with the cord inside. A lovely fumed glass shade is crowning the pedestal while being intertwined with exquisitely designed metal vines which greatly contribute to elegant look of the model. If you care for smooth items, this model will be a fine selection.


#5 Double Function Modern Floor Lamp Lowe

There are numerous practical models which combine an attractive look with some extra useful functions. This good looking floor lamp is made of pure metal and would find a place in any room. A larger lamp serves as a standard torchiere while a smaller one is a special adjustable lighting that is especially good for reading.



#6 Elegant Floor Lamp Foundation

Another lamp with a double functional spectrum is the following model performed in a reserved black and white gamma of colours. This option is universal as there are no fancy elements which are supposed to attract attention to the model. Basically this is a practical model that it designated for active and long term utilization.


#7 Huge Cylinder Floor Lamp Lowe

This huge cylinder floor lamp resembles a giant balloon. The model looks like an item that came out from some fairy tale. Such cool looking lamp would be a nice focal point in the room and the owner would greatly contribute from an awesome look of the interior with such a fascinating element of decoration.



#8 Flowing Style Torchiere Floor Lamp

This torchiere floor lamp is an extra stylish model with attractive flowing shapes. The model carries peculiar features of the futuristic items which make that model look like a lighting from some space ship. The main light of the model is established on a flexible mounting with an extra flexible fixture that ensures effective spot light.


#9 Cylinder Dome Flexible Floor Lamp

This lamp looks standard only at first glance. It introduces an extra slim fixture that is holding a simple white drum shade. However, the main secret of the model lies in the flexible upper part of the model that allows some basic adjustments of the lamp for regulating the angle of light to ensure extra comfortable lighting of the premise.

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#10 Standard Polished Wooden Floor Lamp

This model looks rather simple and resembles the models from the last century. Such models are specifically attractive for people who are passionate about retro type of the furniture. This floor lighting would be perfectly matching the interiors made of wood like country style or classic style.   It will make them even more cosy and fashionable.


#11 Three Bulb Soft Light Lowe Lamp

A tradition to use non-standard floor lighting is natural for those people with specific tastes. Sometimes it is boring to use the same lighting over and over again and that is why more new lighting solutions appear on the stage and they are inspired with motives from past, future and present times. This three element model is one of such ideas. While resembling an item from past it found a second life in present.


#12 Ladder Style Floor Lowe Lamp

Sometimes the lighting can become inspired with some totally unexpected things. This option was designed with a look that is very similar to the ladder. The model is rather unusual in its look and can be used equally fine as a lamp and a shelf for some books, cups or even souvenir items. If you’re a person of taste, this model will surely decorate the room of yours.


#13 Vintage Style Fumed Glass Floor Lamp

Another model with an attractive double functional spectrum is made of bronze and with elegant shaped flower shades. The option introduces a simple construction that will be suitable for any interior. It will be equally helpful for watching movies and reading books with comfort and style, of course. If you love practical nice things, then this lamp will be a nice acquisition to your collection.


#14 Finely Designed Floor Lamp Lowe

The wood crafting is an awesome art. By means of a turning equipment the masters can make amazing masterpieces. This wooden model is made with an exceptional quality and will become an excellent acquisition for people who are passionate about wooden decorations of elegant style. The bronze finish of the item is the thing that adds extra quality level.

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#15 Top Head Flexible Floor Lamp

The bending lamp like this seems incredibly fashionable. Such models are extremely popular among people and more and more buyers are purchasing this lamp for adding some extra style to their homes. The model with telescopic pipe is extra adjustable and flexible for providing a decent portion of light. It will find a place in any room, although the size of the premise should be bigger than average.


#16 Glass Style Floor Lamp

Unexpected design of the lamps can take various shapes. This chrome model introduces unusual solution of lamps that are made in the shape of drinking glasses.  Each lamp is mounted along a slim metal pole on a persona fixture. You will be capable to adjust it in the manner that will come to your liking so that you could receive a floor lamp of your dream.


#17 Vintage Art Style Lamp Lowe

Another fine vintage model seems to originate from the times of mafia and seems to have been taken from the salon of some underground gambling halls. People who are passionate about the times of God Father and Al Capone will surely like this stunning lamp and find a worthy place for it in their interiors.


#18 Hexagonal Floor Lamp Lowe

Here we have a futuristic style lamp that was made in the shape of hexagonal figure. The item like this will surely find a place in the interior and due to its colour the model will look awesome in the rooms in light hues. The shade’s unusual shape contributes greatly to dissipation of light and covering a larger area with it.


#19  Twisted Gilded Floor Lamp Lowe

A golden colour is a colour of luxury. That is why you shouldn’t ignore an opportunity to add some chic to your premise with this fine lighting solution. The entire body of this floor lamp is introduced of brushed gold and it is characterized with double lighting – one for reading and the second for granting light for a large territory due to vertical direction of the ray.


#20 Wooden Made Floor Lamp

Sometimes simple means the best. Here we have a floor lamp that was made of a single wooden block. The masters have spent a lot of time in order to organize the shape and structure of the lamp. Finally, the wood was covered with a shining enamel that will make possible to serve you flawlessly for many years.


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