10 facts about Pine cone lamps

One of the best ways to add character and beauty to your home is by adding a pine cone lamp. A lamp can brighten up any dark and dingy corner. A lamp on your nightstand can make it easier for you to read before bed.

Sizes and styles

A lamp in your living room can brighten up the space instantly. If you take pride in your home, you should invest in purchasing the right lamp. One lamp that can complete every home is a pine cone lamp.

Pine cone lamps come in a variety of sizes and styles. They can be small and fit on a side table or they can be tall and hover over you.


The best thing about a pine cone lamp is that is not only adds light but it adds some personality. You can pair your pine cone lamp with a rustic overhead lighting fixture to tie in the aesthetic of your room.

Furthermore, if you choose a lamp with the shade in the shape of a pine cone. This allows for less light diffusion than a regular lamp.

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