Old Fashioned Oil Lamps – Light Without Electricity

Old fashioned oil lamps have been used for many centuries and can be very useful in some occasions even today. Several Roman Emperors really loved them because of their usefulness. They were usually made of bronze in the old time. That material is very resistant to high temperatures and serves well for the purpose.


These days, old-fashioned oil lamps are typically used by sailors and hunters. When there is no electric power, they can definitely help a lot. Ships and distant houses usually have at least one oil lamp, and it serves as an additional light in certain moments.


Some manufacturers are offering authentic replicas of these lamps, and they may be quite affordable. They are fairly easy to use and maintain, which is their obvious advantage. Also, it would be a wise decision to have one such lamp at your home. If something bad happens and your house stays without electricity, you will still have the light inside.


Periodically, old-fashioned oil lamps show up at different auctions. Some of these are truly old and have a quite impressive historical background. Their price can be very high, and they can be considered as first class antique lamps.

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