Make your room beautiful with Beauty and the beast lamp

Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont’s Beauty and Beast has taken thousands of forms including plays and movies. It is inevitable then that lamp makers take to it like the beast in the story.

Numerous beauty and the beast lamp manufacturers have designed unimaginable numbers of Beauty and Beast Lamps. Beauty and beast themed lamps will fill you with awe in your eyes and admiration in your heart.

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There are lamps with wooden frames, lamps with metal ornate designs, elaborately designed lamps and many others. These days, LED dominates as the light source though old fashioned and artistically inclined people may insist upon the Edison era globes. Which is not bad at all.

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DIY Beauty and Best Lamp

These are the days of do-it-yourself. Unknown to you and I, somebody somewhere may be building a ship under DYI. A beauty and the beast lamp is literally a child’s play DIY.

With rudimentary pink or red rose, green floral wire, a wooden dowel and an LED light string and deftness of hand, you can make beautiful looking lamps for your living room, bed room or any room.

There are millions of lamp types but to own and flaunt your own personal favourite lamp which in this case is beauty and beast makes you stand out.

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