Antique ceiling fans – bring the industrial flavor to the interior of your room

#1 Incredible Ceiling Fan

Using this antique ceiling fan, you will cool your room or patio due to a mighty circulation of the air and provide a convenient space to relax. This vintage style overhead fan was created to serve as a universal element of décor, as it fits in any interior and with any details of your designer’s genius.

#2 Attractive Antique Fan

This simple but stylish ceiling fan is reminiscent of old good days. It brings industrial flavor to the interior of merely all rooms. It has three large blades and a big lamp. Thus, it will easily ventilate big masses of air and will illuminate enough area in the room. Besides, it has various speed modes.

#3 Plushy Antique Fan

This is a classic ceiling fan, which likewise has features of the contemporary technology. It is original and chic. Therefore, it is able to make your interior elegant and captivating. It is nostalgic in appearance. Its construction is appealing and is capable of stylizing each room in your house.

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#4 Outstanding Ceiling Fan

This is a fine antique ceiling fan, which will perfectly suit any interior. It has formal, classical style. The fan has five wooden blades and a nice glass shade. You have a possibility to regulate the speed of the blades and can easily turn it on or off. This fan is both beautiful and made to last a lifetime.

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#5 Vintage Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan has deserved your attention. Its simple, sleek design will not leave you indifferent. The fan features five wooden blades and metal co. The core is of golden color. You can easily turn it off or on and regulate the needed speed. This vintage ceiling fan will easily beautify any interior.

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#6 Excellent Antique Fan

This is an incredible antique ceiling fan, which contains the industrially influenced urban feel and sleek minimalist design. The fan has five bright wooden propellers and a steel core. You can adjust its speed in accordance with your preferences. It slightly fits in any interior. You should get one!

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#7 Elegant Ceiling Fan

You ought to consider this very model. Elegant blades with big handsome shade will add a specific atmosphere to your apartment. It is a comfortable cooling and perfect style, which reminds of old days. This is the best option for those who wish to bring elegance to their house. Acquire this fan and enjoy.

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#8 Captivating Antique Fan

This captivating antique ceiling fan is worth your attention. It is simply outstanding thanks to its beautiful construction. Its huge lamp and five propellers will add elegance to the general interior of your house. The silver base of the fan makes it very attractive and gentle. Bring some style home.

antique ceiling fans photo - 7

#9 Extraordinary Ceiling Fan

You should make allowances for this amazing ceiling fan. It is actually great. You will hardy find so handsome and elegant antique fan. It brings a unique style to the interior thanks to its perfect appearance. If you wish to make your life more vivid, you should acquire this extraordinary ceiling fan.

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#10 Powerful Antique Fan

With this powerful fan, you will receive a possibility to ventilate the whole room regardless of its size. Simple but handsome scrollwork will not leave you indifferent. This antique ceiling fan has four straight and huge blades that will spread the air all around the room. You can also choose the speed.

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