How To Purchase Crystal chandelier ceiling fans – 10 tips

There are some steps that you have to observe in shopping the right crystal chandelier ceiling fan for your house. These could assist you to make sure that the crystal chandelier you buy can match your private home.

How to hang

You have to degree the height of the room in which you may hang your crystal chandelier. The crystal chandelier ceiling fan should now not exceed 30 inches above your head. It will seem dwarfed if you hung it too excessive.

You should don’t forget the precise room you put together to grasp your ceiling fan with crystal chandelier. Different rooms entitle to have exceptional crystal chandelier style and size. If you put crystal chandelier for your residing room, you need to select crystal chandelier this is 20 to 30 percent of your residing room’s width.

If you have to hold it in your front corridor, you need to pick crystal chandelier ceiling fans this is 30 to forty percentage of your lobby’s width.


As you add the full watt of all the bulbs of the crystal chandelier ceiling fans, while added all together have to not exceed two hundred to four hundred watts. You ought to buy the right bulbs to ensure your home’s protection.

Also in case you are going to hang the crystal chandelier before to try this, you have to check the electric field first and appearance if it can guide additional lights.


You need to choose a crystal chandelier ceiling fan style a good way to hang no longer exceeding thirty inches above your desk tops. You have to pick out a fashion of crystal chandelier ceiling fan that emphasis the architectural fashion of your home rather than the décor by myself of your room.

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In thinking about this, you are just making sure that your crystal chandelier is proper with your private home to give beauty and sophistication to your house.

Last word

You ought to decide whether to apply clean crystals, colored crystals or a combination of the 2; you need to healthy it with the architectural style of your house.

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