Aj floor lamp – A Clever Combination of Class and Utility in One Package

Who says you cannot combine beauty with functionality? Well, you can do just that to your home interior with the aid of the elegant AJ floor lamp. Isn’t this the dream of all homeowners for each appliance and equipment in their private sanctuary?

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A Perfect Blend of Style and Function

AJ floor lamps are designed to fulfill that wish. Using its brilliant structure, the floor lamp’s design speaks of the  Less is more’ principle, with its minimalist yet modern asymmetrical facade.

And speaking of function, it’s not your ordinary straight and standing lamp that could easily get unnoticed in a room. It blends the aforementioned style with the functionality that you need. To accomplish that role, the AJ floor lamp’s head can be rotated 60 degrees to each side so the light distribution will be easily adjusted.


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AJ Floor Lamps Can Go the Distance

In stark contrast with its other common competitors, the AJ floor lamp is made to last. That’s because it’s constructed using strong stainless steel to handle wear and tear well. Plus, it uses either an incandescent or a LED light bulb that provides all the illumination your house interior needs without consuming too much power.

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