1930s lamps – 15 methods to make unforgetable atmosphere to you and your guests

In the past years, a lot of people have distanced from the future and looked back to the 30s with certain nostalgy. 1930s lamps are a common home decor choice for them. They combine good taste and forms that enhance the intact look of the chosen room and bring a great deal of charm, captivating even the eye of the non-extravagant person. Without further ado, let’s get right into the ways we can achieve a 30s look when decorating a room.

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Art Deco era

Art Deco certainly was a really special era that combined both a peculiar and a detailed looks of wall lights. You can achieve this by choosing a theme first. Either stick to bowl-shaped, long, streamlined or lamps, which frames feature different geometrical figures. Mixing all them at once will result in a whismical chaos, which won’t necessarily result in brightening-up the room.

The right placement of a 1930s lamp also plays a big role in accurately capturing the desired Art Deco look. If you are placing them on a wall – make sure they are perfectly aligned and in a visible spot – they are antiques after all. In order to decorate 1930s lamp shades, pay attention to the choice of the light fixtures.

They play a big role in shape the lamp gives when you first look at it. Use long narrow ones for tall lamps, placed in the corners of the room, and short, preferaby wooden ones, for the lamps you’re planning to place on shelves or desks.

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Making an unforgetable atmosphere

An incredible amount of detail is input in these antiques, which is mainly recognized by the stunning woodwork, making them unbelievably eye-catching. Hang one in the middle of your hardwood wall and you have yourself an unforgetable atmosphere for your guests.

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If you want to contrast with the color of the wall – you could go with colored glass or chromed stand. In addition to this, the wall lights from the Art Deco era also featured luxurious fabrics, covering bowl-shaped frames, which gave a rather extravagant overall look of the room.

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Take a step forward by placing a few mirrors, with minimal well-designes frames in the very edges of your walls and there you have it – a perfect 1930s lamp atmosphere with a pinch of good taste.

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