10 facts to know about Blue and green lava lamps

All of us have wondered at one point of time or the other about what goes on inside a volcano. Lava ebbs and flows like a molten mass of fire. Ever wanted one in your room, but a heavenly shade that would take you into a miniature world of mesmerizing beauty.

All of us have wondered at one point of time or the other about what goes on inside a volcano. Lava ebbs and flows like a molten mass of fire. Ever wanted one in your room, but a heavenly shade that would take you into a miniature world of mesmerizing blue and green lava lamp beauty?

Relax or romance

The Blue and Green lava lamp is a perfect little lamp that will capture your eyes and soothe your soul. With its ever changing patterns that are never alike, you will soon forget your woes. This revolution in lighting is a must at every home.

Whether you just want to relax on your own, or create a romantic mood, this blue and green lava lamp is just a perfect piece of art, deserving the best spot in the room.

Features of Lava Lamp

The Lava Lamp, Blue and Green has the following features

  • A light bulb, 25 Watts
  • A relaxing soft blue and green light
  • Undulating ever changing patterns to shoo the blues away
  • Can be plugged into a normal power socket

#1 A Bullet for Relaxation

Are you a programmer or a computer geek? If you still don’t have a lava lamp, it’s time to add one to the interior of yours. The lava lamps are not only the stylish accessory but a practical solution for eyes relaxation. The person who works a lot with the PC often tires out the eyes. Without proper exercising the sight might get worse. Watching the green blobs on blue background will grant the eyes some rest.

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#2 Shining Balls of Lava

The green and blue lava lamp is the second most popular color option on the market after classical one. It is probably due to the mildness of light that it creates. It is a frequent attribute of some restrooms and lounge bars where you can drink some coffee and sit within the shadows of dancing light. It creates an incredible atmosphere of comfort that is adored by everyone.



#3 Metal Style Lamp

There are numerous lamps that can become an excellent element of the interior. One of the options is a stylish lava lamp that is equally liked by kids and adults. The metal styled option looks more attractive in the futuristic interior. The green blobs which are chaotically moving are something truly mesmerizing. You can watch them and try to predict the trajectory.



#4 Precious Cargo in the Rocket

Fans of Star Trek and lava lamps will be charmed by this option. A lava lamp that was designed in the shape of the space ship will fascinate every fan of space adventures. It will look equally incredible on the bedside table or on the desk. It will provide the user with a faster falling asleep in bed or rest to eyes during reading or writing at the desk. Usefulness is combined with a stylish look.

#5 Green Drops in the Blue Sky

The green color together with the blue one is one of the most comfortable options for a nice night relaxing light. These hues are not aggressive and assist in the creation of a meditative mood. If a child is afraid of dark place, this simple lava lamp in the room will be a good solution as the kid will watch the lamp and forget about fears falling into nothingness of dreaming.

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#6 The Alien Night Light

The lava lamp looks awesome both at daytime and in a total darkness. Such a lamp was a popular attribute of old fantastic movies where it performed the functions of some alien technology. Just take a look at these green bubbles inside the glass body which are intensively swirling in an unstoppable dance casting creepy shadows on the walls. The aliens have come to this room.

#7 Modern Designer Option

Some people consider lava lamps old fashioned and part of a retro trend. However, there is a tendency of retro fashion returning back and it’s the time of lava lamps popularity to come again. There is something amazing in all kinds of lava lamps. It is possible to look at them for hours meditating and releasing the mind from unnecessary thoughts returning to the inner calmness.

#8 Acid Green Light

The green light is often associated with calmness and relaxation. Just take a look at this glowing green drops that are slowly moving within the hermetically shut body of the source of light. You can watch at this dance of fluid eternally, being consumed with their beauty. The following of the drops’ movement assist in reducing tension from the eyes and you can also forget about bad mood.

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#9 Wavy Option

If the interior of yours is lacking some extraordinary lighting solution, this lava lamp will become a splendid choice to transform the premise you got used to into something totally different. Such type of lava lamps would definitely match the interior of futuristic or modern style as it emphasizes the unusual taste of the owner and transforms the design of the room into something mysterious.

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