10 things you need to know about Heat lamp stand

Heat lamp stand keaps your lamp secure while making it easier to use.

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What is a heated lamp stand?

Heat lamps are commonly used to keep things warm, they are used in kitchens, gardens, and for animal terrariums in most cases. In order to use a heat lamp effectively and safely a lamp stand is a must have.

A heated lamp stand allows you to adjust the height and reach of the lamp without burning yourself or dropping the lamp. This is especially important as heat lamps can be very expensive.

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Why do you need a special stand?

You could try to DIY a heat lamp-stand but it won’t work as well, an actual heated lamp stand is designed to hold various sizes and weights of heat lamps. And specialty lamp stands such as the reptile lamp stand have brackets on them that allow for them to be easily attached to any size tank or terrarium.

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