Vanity wall mirror with lights – a great way to light up your space

Are you tired of that dull space and wondering what you could do to create a different or exciting ambiance?Well allow me to enlighten you.In the field of interior decor,a very important aspect is lighting.

It will help you achieve your desired ambiance without having to engage in energy supping tasks such as repainting a whole room.


These mirrors can be used in any location be it the bedroom,bathrooms,bars,offices,hotel rooms and so on.You can choose from ones which have to be wired or battery powered ones depending on what you fancy.They come with impressive features such as:

Dimmer switch and motion sensor

It allows you to choose your desired brightness level depending on the mood you want to set. Some are also fitted with motion sensors,thus they only go on when they sense any movement such as the presence of a person.This in turn saves on electricity thus reducing power bills.


Use of LED bulbs also helps conserve energy. So try the vanity wall mirror with lights and you shall be surprised on the type of ambiance you can create.

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