10 facts about Woods lamp

A Woods lamp refers to a tiny piece of equipment usually held by hand. It uses black beam to shed light on the equipment region.

Places where Woods Lamp is used and the benefits

It is used by aestheticians to examine the surface and deeper layers of the skin. Aestheticians also use woods lamp to test for signs of ripened skin and other defect. Can be used in used in a completely gloomy room.
Ophthalmologists use woods lamp to speculate scratch and strange remains in the cornea of the eye. Woods lamp is also used by veterinary to investigate pets on bacterial, fungal or parasitic infections.
Law enforcement officers also use wood lamps to examine crime scene and garments for semen and urine. It’s also used in the night clubs to check re- entry stamps. Immigration officers verify that passports are real. Bank check for forged currency.

Advantages of using woods lamp

Its accurate, efficient, affordable, eco friendly, stainless and portable.

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