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Although mainly recollected today as an architect of perfect window lamps light shades, Louis Comfort Tiffany was likewise an exceedingly talented originator and producer of recolored glass windows.

Rather than utilizing the notable procedure of essentially painting clear glass with shading to create the impacts, he tried different things with bringing pigmentation into the genuine glass amid the glass-production procedure to deliver really staggering impacts.

Places Which is used

Customarily utilized as a part of places of worship and basilicas to recount scriptural stories to the uneducated who couldn’t read, recolored glass windows can give the absolute most beautiful cases of the recolored glass producers’ craft.

In Victorian circumstances in Britain, affluent individuals once in a while utilized them to give light to their passageway campaign. Every now and again, when utilized for this reason, they were fan-formed and were fitted over the front way to the house.


Today most cases of unique Tiffany-style windows are in exhibition halls or private accumulations. Regardless of the possibility that they appeared on the open market, they would charge galactic costs at sell off.

Luckily be that as it may, there are a few present day makers and creators who deliver Tiffany-style windows utilizing the same meticulous methods used to make the first perfect works of art.


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