10 reasons to buy Batman table lamp

Lighting arrangement of a place is the most attracting and impressive feature for a visitor. Batman table lamp is a device which is a source of light and a beautiful piece of home decor at the same time.

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From the ancient times, lamps have been in use although they were lit with candles or oil in the earlier periods. A Batman table lamp adds to the beauty and charm of your home and at the same time, it provides adequate light for reading or writing at your table.

Generally, an ideal lamp is 2.5 to 3 feet tall but there may be variations in size according to the need and the place where the lamp has to be put on.

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Reasons to buy

Lamps are usually fitted with bulbs as a source of light. Nowadays bulbs using lower wattage are the ones used with the table lamps but with adjustable wattage which will facilitate you to increase or decrease the intensity of light according to your need.

A Batman table lamp may be placed on the side table of your bedroom or on the table of your study room or home library. These lamp shades also control the focusing of light.

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