SPICE UP YOUR SPACE WITH West elm floor lamps

Lighting is very important when it comes to the design of both interior and exterior spaces. whether you are designing a new space or remodeling you should definitely incorporate west elm floor lamp in your space.

Simple things like putting a West elm tripod floor lamp beside a sofa in your living room can raise the standard of decor in your space, brighten the mood and make it look spacious. Whether you want a study lamp, a bedside lamp or just some warm light in the living room, West elm floor lamps will deliver.


The best part about West elm floor lamps is variety. With hundreds of designs to choose from there is definitely something for everyone, even those hard to please folks. The variety ensures uniqueness while decorating your space.

West elm floor lamps comes in dozens of shapes such as the overarching one which can be very useful if you have a small space as it is navigating. Other nice and cool shapes are, the tripod, telescope, the petite arch and the straight ones among others to suite everyone’s taste.

There are also unlimited number of colors to choose from, depending on what suites your home decor. The colors also available in patterns and design to increase uniqueness and enable perfect incorporation into any decor theme.


West elm floor lamp stands are either made of metal, wood or even plastic with well finished and polished surfaces. The lamp head are made of various materials such as glass, fabric and other translucent materials. The different materials are fitted together through design to ensure everything matches perfectly.

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Before choosing a West Elm floor lamp identify the theme and colors present in your space and let it influence your choices. For instance if your space has a more traditional look a West elm floor lamp with wooden stands and fabric would be advisable. A floor lamp made of steel and glass would be ideal for a bachelor’s space with a minimalistic technology savvy theme.

After purchasing do not be shy and play around with locations until you achieve your desired outcome. Do not play by the rules. Test the limits of your imagination with West elm floor lamps and experience the transformation.

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