Implication of Fluorescent light technology in day to day activities

Wall mounted Fluorescent lightsWall mounted fluorescent light are strong, versatile and energy efficient fittings which provide effective lighting for various uses in commercial applications. Most of them are suitable for a wide variety of commercial premises.


Fluorescent fittings which belong to category 2 louvers have been found to be perfect for office lighting since they reduce glare on computer screens.Advantagesmany companies have integrated fluorescent light fittings in their shops, workplace and also in the warehouses.

Additionally, they have also become popular due to their advantages compared to other lighting sources. some of their advantages include- cost effective, environmentally friendly, emergency light, replace less frequently, and also they have different sizes and models.

Field of Application

Despite that some people may see the fluorescent light as something that is very “cold” for use in a shop or store, the designs available in the market at present are more stylish and appealing, giving it a warmer look.

Its flexibility allows people to use it practically for any lighting purpose, including using them as strips for the utility room, mount them on a wall or display shelf, or simply install on the ceiling to provide enough illumination. It is also ideal for use in bathroom lighting because of the brightness it provides.

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