Vintage tension pole lamp – 16 bonuses to the beauty of your house

Vintage tension pole lamps are one great way to give your rooms that 20th century yet modern look. They come in a wide variety of sizes each to suit you taste.

The style is basically the same thing across the board and you get to select with ease from different shapes and color, depending on the kind of illumination you want in or outside your house.

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Shades and globes

The basic outline of a vintage tension pole lamp is three iridescent shades or globes each enclosing a bulb and embedded to or hanging by chains from a metallic or wooden pole that holds them in place.Most of these lamps allow you to change the globe, meaning you are able to get just what you need.

Whether you love a retro piece, a Danish piece or modern piece, you get to select from a wide range of globe designs made from your desired materials such as quilted, colored or plain glass, brass or even gold. It also allows you to adjust the height to determine the radius covered by it’s light.

Even better, it is ideal for use both inside your house and outdoors.

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Bonus to the beauty of your house

Besides being a great lighting idea, vintage tension pole lamps have aesthetic properties that will be a bonus to the beauty of your house, something which is impossible to achieve with just the table flowers or the wall hangings and pictures and are even good for your garden giving it a magical touch at night.

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They do not occupy as much space which is convenient since you can place it at a strategic position where it will stand out as a decorative piece. That corner in your living room or that spot in your garden you love to sit at and enjoy the serenity of nature does not have to lie bare.

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Get a vintage tension pole lamp see the priceless transformation it will bring to you home.

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