Innovative Kinds of Ceiling Fans for your Home

When it comes to ceiling fan technology, you might not think that there are many innovations happening in this field. However, you couldn’t be farther from the truth.

There are so many innovative kinds of ceiling fans to chat about that are even more innovative than surface mount LED ceiling lights.

The Aerotron

These kinds of fans are going to be working on a direct current, rather than an alternating current. That means that this innovative fan is going to use a ton less energy than alternatives.

The plastic fans are also much easier to clean! This next design is one that’s perfect for a high ceiling. It’s pretty industrial, so it’s going to work if you have a home or room that has a more modern aesthetic.

The Sycamore

This design is based on those spiraling seed pods that fall down from trees in certain seasons. The air flow is seriously improved with this design and the fan is going to operate much more quietly than other designs.

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