Rope lamps – incredibly flexible in terms of design

Rope lamps are just ordinary light bulbs encased in a robust plastic housing or shade in an incredibly vast array of designs. The rope lamp base or stand or the entire framework is wrapped in an all-natural, high-grade rope.

Beautiful Designs

Beneath the rope, you will find a metal wiring, which allows the lamp to have a unique shape and design. This lamp is covered with a simple Jute shade. Power is shipped through the wiring to get the light going.

The astounding factor about rope lamps is the fact that they are incredibly flexible in terms of design. They can be shaped to attain different creative styles and designs. Rope lamps can be used as table lamps as well as bedside lamps.


Rope lamps are the perfect lighting for your home when you don’t require too much light. The lamp shade helps reduce the amount of light directly reaching your eyes thus making rope lamps ideal for use as reading lights.

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rope lamps photo - 2
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