How Vintage is Your Retro Table Lamp?

Once, table lamps were the only source of light before bed. These days, table lamps are necessities for every room. They are not only functional, but also decorative.

If you can find modern table lamps for your modern theme rooms, then you still can find retro table lamps which recall you to your beautiful childhood years.

  • Marble

Marble table lamps were always present at old style houses with marble flooring. Such a perfect combination for a mansion with the strong vintage, yet elegant look.

They were made of pure marble, with a high level of thickness. But, these days, they are modified into various designs, though they don’t take the vintage look for granted.

  • Kerosene lamp

Get this unique lamp on your bedside and your kids will be delightful about the operation of a kerosene lamp. For sure, you don’t have to find kerosene as the fuel for your retro table lamps, that might cause air pollution.

All modern ‘kerosene’ table lamps are available with LED light with the power of rechargable lithium battery, though you still can control the dim by rotating the switch, just like what you did to the original lamps when you were still kids.

Example Retro Table Lamps


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