Comfortable Lighting with Japanese Floor Lamps

Japanese floor lamps known for their beauty and elegance can light up your room. They give you an extraordinary feel as the way they are made is really amazing to know about.


Japanese floor lamps use rice paper in the lamp and with proper ambiance these lamps also give you a warm and comfortable feeling in your room. They are generally six feet tall and have a one square foot base.

They give you a magical feel like a spell being cast in your room. They come in three colors and you can choose the one which suits your room the best.


Available in Natural, Black and Mahogany finish they just fit in any type of decor and are popular all over in Asia. The indirect light that comes in from them also looks like moonlight entering the room from a glass window pane giving you a great feel.

The best thing about them is that you may not keep them fixed but place them wherever you want. The Japanese floor lamps take complete care of your needs and comfort.

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