TOP 10 Recessed led ceiling lights 2023

These are lights that are installed in a flush design with the ceiling. Recessed led ceiling lights are made up of three components: the housing, the trim and the lighting component.

These type of lighting is ideal for low ceilings and can be used in an office, kitchen, bathroom or living room. It is important to know here the lights are to be applied, the amount of light required and the type of construction required (new housing project or a remodel fixture).


This type of lighting provides ambient lighting and accent illumination that is effective. They produce less heat than incandescent lights and are 85% more energy- efficient.

LED lights also have a longer lifespan than other bulbs, cutting on replacement costs. They come in different size, shapes and color hence easily matching the indoor design specifications.


When installing recessed LED ceiling lights, you have to decide whether to use non-IC rated or IC rated lights with superior safety and illumination capabilities based on the type of construction.

This depends on the type of application of your recessed LED ceiling lights for instance baffle trims for use in living spaces and reflector trims for use in high ceilings. Also trim size varies from1″ to 6″ based on area of application.


Line voltage recessed ceiling lights for use in high ceilings and low voltage type for contrast or accent lighting.

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