Neon Lights Without The Gas Are On The Rise

Neon ceiling lights attract attention regardless of one’s age. Back in the old days when Baby Boomers were kids in the 1950’s and 1960’s, neon ceiling light were at the height of popularity to advertise department, movie theatres, pharmacies, motels, bars and restaurants ceilings.

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Neon Ceiling Light Construction

Neon ceiling lights are made up of glass, fragile and could break easily. The neon ceiling light is constructed of tubes of thin glass filled with various gases including neon gas. An electric current caused the gases to light, creating eye-catching illumination.

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Neon Light Existence

Today, the neon ceiling light exists, and they still attract people to a room. It is making a come back but outfitted with LEDs that are made from light emitting diodes and placed in a polymer jacket for rugged construction.

The LEDs are less hot than neon ceiling lights and are more environmentally friendly. The primary use of the neon ceiling light still reigns. The color is there, the excitement of neon with colorful beams of lights is there, but the gas and glass are gone.

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