Purple glass table lamp – A Touch of Purple Sophistication For Your Tables

Known to be associated with Roman magistrates and Japanese aristocracy, purple glass table lamp that’s blue and red combined, neither hot nor cold, is the very definition of the word “cool”.

A subtly elegant, regal and neutral color that sits incredibly well on a white background, but could just as well blend in with grades of blue, green and orange and of course the varying degrees of yellow emitted by bulbs in a lamp, purple is the color to rock any household in the modern era.

Purple Glass Table Lamp

Have you plenty of table surfaces around your home that seem just a little too white? Toss in a touch of purple, and you’ll immediately give off the “cool” effect that characterizes this innocuously delicious, easy-on-the-eye color.


Whether it is a hint of lilac occupying a gourd shape,a shocking violet double-gourd with a round base, or maybe a little bit of fun with a funky, curvy, asymmetric grape body, purple glass table lamps are a delicate way to introduce something unexpected with a little more personality into your home.

Think of a grape sitting innocently in the center of a white dish; the effect is undeniable and offers a wonderful, yet not distracting and utterly refreshing contrast, easily complimenting a contemporary home with especially white or other light color furnishings.


With plenty of homes going modern, deploying the typical black and white or grey contrast, make yours stand out with a unique, mildly outlandish flick of purple that will be sure to turn heads.

When you’re choosing your next lamp, whether it is a little pyramid glass lamp on a bedside table, or a majestic centerpiece lamp on the mantelpiece upfront, and you cannot decide which color to go with, give a shade of purple a try.

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After all, is it not said that purple glass table lamp is the new black?

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