Porcelain lamp socket For A Complete Change

The porcelain lamp socket will change the entire look of any household or office block and the latest ranges are extremely attractive.

The Features of porcelain lamp socket

The porcelain lamp socket has an overall dimension that will fit over the previous sockets meaning that no redecoration is required. There is the minimal amount of back projection of the sockets so that they will fit well in the original sunken boxes and there is a plastic seal around the edges which will stop any moisture reaching the electrics and will also allow the socket to fit onto a wall which is not exactly flat.

When the porcelain lamp socket is tightened, the seal will not be seen from outside the socket. The rounded rocker switches look smooth and no plastic is seen around the edges. Operation is excellent and the whole socket looks superb.


The porcelain lamp socket provides certain areas with a very safe material. It is an excellent item that will add beauty to your home decor, and the safety of your family is assured.

porcelain lamp socket photo - 5
porcelain lamp socket photo - 6


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