Pixar lamp – 10 reasons to buy

The use of a lamp has become a common household practice. There are many lamp designs such as the pixar lamp, also known as the luxo lamp. There are many models and designs of these lamps, this is a review on one design.

The AliMed pixar/luxo lamp

This lamp has an inner insulating reflector, this feature prevents the lamp from producing a shade too warm for the user, it also comes with a spring balanced arm length.

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This lamp is used to produce down-light on a desk, allowing the user to get concentrated light on what ever might be on the desk. The brightness of the light is adjustable in most in most laps including this one.

Other features of the AliMed pixar lamp

Adjustable light direction, corded-electric power source, no battery required. The AliMed pixar lamp is mostly designed for architectural purposes, however like any other lamps its primarily used to provide concentrated light.

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pixar lamp photo - 3
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