Overhang floor lamp – 10 best ways to customize your home

Overhang floor lamps are one of the easiest and best ways to customize the homes. It is very affordable and doesn’t require a lot of space like some other conventional lamps do.

Where to install

The overhang lamps can be easily installed on the floor without any special installation and it provides good illumination during night time. The overhang floor lamps provide an elegant and beautiful look to the home and it perfectly suits for all rooms in the home.

Apart from home decoration, the lamp can also be used for various other purposes like reading books, illuminating the rooms etc. The overhang design looks pleasant to the eyes and it does not clutter the looks of the house.


The overhang floor lamps are affordable, hence its one of the cheapest way to decorate the homes and make the home look beautiful. Overall overhang floor lamp is a multi purpose lamp which offers many functions and features in a less price point.

overhang floor lamp photo - 1
overhang floor lamp photo - 4
overhang floor lamp photo - 6


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