Outdoor ball lights – 10 ways to wow the children on Christmas

Christmas is a season where we go all out to make our houses beautiful both inside and outside. It is always exciting buying the outdoor Christmas light balls, planning the display and fixing them. Think about decorating only outside this year for a change, therefore eliminate all the clutter in the house. You can decorate all the windows with outdoor Christmas lights, which will not only give you light inside but enhance the effect of the lights. Get the whole family involved in decorating the trees and around the tree trunks. You can use this Checklist to get you started: h1 LED lighting. These are the best because of there several advantages. They are all weather lights, sturdy and long lasting and they are also environmental friendly. The most amazing LED lights are the color changing ones mostly in green, blue, red and yellow.

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Net lights


For the bushes and shrubs around your house, Net lights are the best decorations for you. The outdoor ball lights are connected therefore making it easy to put them over the plants, give your garden a beautiful look during the night.

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Rope or Marine lights


They are usually encased in vinyl tubes then put on a rope to provide protection. They are easy to install and store. They produce a softer light and can be programmed to display different light patterns like twinkle, flashing or chaser.

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Animated lights


Animate lights will wow the children and are available in different colors and shapes like angels, stars, reindeer, etc. They can be put anywhere in the garden so that when lit they can stand out in the night.You can be creative in decorating your garden with outdoor Christmas lighting ball, therefore, giving Christmas a whole new meaning. Plan in advance and get everything ready on time. Be careful when placing the lights on the bushes and trees and avoid get them near the overhead power lines.

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