Toro outdoor lighting – boosting the beauty and aesthetics of your outdoor spaces

Toro outdoor lighting is extremely important for all homeowners since apart from boosting the beauty and aesthetics of your outdoor spaces it can also be used to enhance safety and security.

Paths and walkways can be lighted upon and therefore increasing visibility and reducing the risk of injury while dark corners of lawns and gardens can be lit up to guarantee security.

Another purpose of lamps in outdoor lighting that is usually not given much consideration is outdoor activities.Activities such as parties, family gatherings, celebrations or meetings need to be well illuminated so as to ensure everything runs smoothly.


Toro outdoor lighting a product of Toro company limited is one of the best options you will get in the market today.Toro outdoor lighten is designed to light up big outdoor events such as golf events but it is just as suitable for lighting up small outdoor spaces at home.

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Apart from the fact that it comes from a leading company that provides solutions to outdoor landscape problems, it also comes with amazing features suitable for outdoor spaces.


The luminaire is made of solid brass die-cast casement while the lamp lies behind a tempered glass lens which is encased inside a silicon gasket.This combination provides resistance to harsh weather elements in the outdoors as well as protection against collisions and knocks.

Toro outdoor lighting system has a quick connect adapter mounted to the bottom which can be plugged during the evenings and unplugged during the day to ensure the best energy efficiency.

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The Toro outdoor lighting system comes with a 5 Watts MR16 lamp, due to this the Toro low voltage outdoor lighting is not only energy efficient but also guaranteed to have a very long lifespan.

The lamp rotates vertically to ensure there is on-site adjustability meaning that this lamps can be projected to light anywhere you want, with pinpoint precision. The lamps is also fitted with a shield that ensures glare is kept at minimum as well as for the purpose of directing light accordingly where desired.

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