TOP 10 old fashioned street lamps 2023

Old fashioned street lamps are not a very popular choice nowadays, they were seen everywhere centuries before us. These old fashioned lamps are even more ancient than we think they are, they were used in the Greek city of Antioch between 300BC till 600AD but they are usually known for being the most used lamps in the 18th and 19th century.

First Gas Lamp in America

In 1782, the lamps were seen as this new technology as they had replaced the candle and old fashioned street lamps that people were usually using in those days.  The antique lamps had livened up the streets of Britain, America had decided to hop on the gas lamp’s ‘train’ following Britain’s lead. MD (Maryland) was the first city that had started to put gas lamps in their streets, in the year 1817.

Variety of Old Fashioned Lamps

There were a few styles of different of antique lamps, e.g (Boulevard lamps, Shepherd’s Crook lamps). Old fashioned street lamps were most commonly used along neighbourhoods and streets while the Shepherd’s Crook lamps were mostly used in living rooms, bedrooms anywhere in people’s homes really.

You might not see these lamps that often anymore but it doesn’t mean that they’re extinct, I’m pretty sure you have seen one of these lamps in your grandparents houses or even collectors’ houses. These lamps may be old but they still don’t fail to add that homely, warm touch to a home.

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