A true Masterpiece – 15 breathtaking Nightmare before Christmas lamps

If you’re a night before Christmas fan! You will always treasure this lamp. It’s more of a collector’s item based on the unforgettable character “Jack Skellington”. This famous animation character created by Tim Burton is featured on the lamp is one the most popular character in Disney Pixar.

A pioneer movie in Pixar that set off a new genre of films. This lamp performs extraordinarily well for a collector’s piece. Will discuss why this is more than a lamp and a true treasure.

Nightmare before Christmas lamp – Features

The night before Christmas lamp exemplary work of art that showcases a handcrafted sculpture. They stand just under two feet at 20 inches. A regular yellow bulb will do because the material use to define Jack’s facial feature are made from stain glass. The lamp illuminates with a penetrating glow that reflects a beautiful array of color.

The exotic fringe of the shade set the tone for the gloomy appearance of the lamp. The nightmare before Christmas lamp comes with a standard on/off switch. The lamps will perform no matter where you place them. It can be the kitchen, bedroom nightstand, or living room table.

A limited supply

These nightmare before Christmas lamps are the definition of attention to detail. The craftsmen ship put into each one of the collector items has to be taken into account. The supply is limited because of the detailed that’s applied to lamps, which makes them special. Tim burton brought a touch of Halloween to Christmas. The night before Christmas lamps is one of kind example of Tim burton’s imagination.

The timeless lamps are Disney licensed and authentic. In time the potential increases in value these collector’s items gain is incredible. I wouldn’t be wise to wait on such a unique and memorable piece. The demand for these night before Christmas lamps is high, so don’t put it off any longer, and make the call.

#1 Pumpkin King

Just look at this amazing Tiffany lamp in the design of Tim Burton! Maestro of horrors knows how to bring into being real masterpieces. This item will be perfect for creating spine-chilling atmosphere. The quality will positively surprise you: Mr Scary Smile has a solid metal leg and nice head made of stained steel. The lamp is 12 inches high and 8 inches wide and has a switch on its cord. It looks amazing both on and off.

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nightmare before christmas lamp photo - 2

#2 A Breath-Taking Love Story

Who doesn’t like love stories? Most of us do. It is not a usual love story. Jack and Sally are the main characters of Tim Burton’s “The nightmare before Christmas”. Sally is sewed of pieces, while Jack is a skeleton. Nevertheless, since their love is so strong they seem to be a perfect couple. On this picture they have a date on the hill lit with the moonlight. Such a lamp will be a good accessory for a romantic Tim Burton fan. nightmare before christmas lamp photo - 4

#3 Lonely and Scary

Ugh! Doesn’t this composition look frightening?! Those people who adore the stories created by Tim Burton would say that it looks rather sad. Jack, the Pumpkin King, thinks about the sense of his being. He is bored with the endless repetition of similar Halloweens. The base of the lamp is decorated with a grave which Jack is hugging. Besides, there are two pumpkins: one is smiling, while another is frightening. The dimmer is performed of beige stained steel with small bats art.

nightmare before christmas lamp photo - 7

#4 Date under the Moon

To decorate your premise for Halloween you can use a wonderful Tiffany lamp with the main characters of Tim Burton’s story. It has a solid metal leg and a bright glass dimmer. Once the light is on, the picture is filled with warm yellow colour that makes it even brighter. You can see a couple standing on the hill during a moon night. Moreover, there is a nice small pumpkin at the bottom that proves the Halloweenish atmosphere of this splendid lamp.

nightmare before christmas lamp photo - 8

#5 Love Knows no Obstacles

At the first glance it’s even hard to understand that this is a lamp. It has a dark linen shade with a picture of Sally and Jack – the heroes of “The nightmare before Christmas”. The base is skilfully turned into the dancing stage. Jack and Sally are dancing among the Halloween Jack O Lanterns. This is a true masterpiece that will make your interior even more interesting. Besides, it will give you a good amount of subdued light.

#6 All in One

This amazing lamp has got all the main characters of “The nightmare before Christmas” on its dimmer. On the front of its triangle dimmer there is Jack and Sally standing on the moon hill, while back shows us Oogie Boogie. Sides are decorated with scary pumpkin smiles and Zero – Jack’s favourite pet. After the lamp is turned on, you can admire the shadows of these characters on your walls.

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#7 Mind the Environment

There are lots of various types of lamps, although this one is rather unusual. This lamp is made out of a recycled wine bottle that is why it won’t harm the environment. It looks rather delicate with an image of Jack and Sally standing on the hill. The inside of the bottle is filled with lights which resemble the fireflies. This item will be splendid for some romantic occasion as it will add gentle subdued light to your premise.


#8 Beautiful Horror

Greet the master of horror Jack, the Pumpkin King, and his girlfriend Sally. Jack is obviously followed by his dog Zero. This fabulous table lamp shows two scenes from “The nightmare before Christmas”. One is depicted on a dark linen dimmer, while another is skilfully sculptured on the base. Such an amazing lamp will be an excellent decoration for any room either on the occasion of Halloween or just to maintain the needed atmosphere.


#9 Pet Ghost

Zero is a favourite dog of Jack Skellington, the King of Pumpkins. In the musical he has a shining nose thanks to which Jack found the way in the thick mist during the Christmas night. This splendid lamp is a real sculpture masterpiece. It depicts in a very realistic manner Zero’s grave and Zero’s ghost sitting on it. A bulb on dog’s nose crowns the whole composition. It will be an amazing décor for the dwelling of Tim Burton’s fan.


#10 The Main Bad Man

Oogie Boogie is the main bad character of “The nightmare before Christmas”. He adores gambling, he even tried to gamble with Santa Claus. This guy resembles a sack and looks really scary. The lamp with the picture of Oogie Boogie will do its job in the best possible manner. It will both grant your room with a nice soft light and also cast the shade of this scary character on the wall so that anyone who looks at it felt the blood stunned in the veins.


#11 The Head in the Hand

This item resembles some grotesque award, although it is a very unusual lamp. A silver hand performs the role of the leg. It is decorated with nice silver pumpkins. The head of Mr Skellington casts the light once the lamp is on. When it is dark in the room the lamp looks really scary as if the only head is floating in the air. Don’t miss the chance to scare your visitors with the King of Pumpkins.

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#12 Sun and Blood

People get used to the thought that Tiffany lamps are some elegant and even aristocratic pieces of furniture. However, it’s not always so. On the picture below you can see a frightening smile that makes feel horror. That is the Pumpkin King from Tim Burton’s “Nightmare before Christmas”. He is meaningfully placed onto the glass of yellow and red colours. The mix of these two colours gives orange – the colour of pumpkin.


#13 Christmas You Never Had Before

Just look at this splendid lava lamp! It plays the role of the Christmas tree around which the characters of “The Nightmare before Christmas” perform the round dance. Jack Skellington is dressed like Santa Claus, Sally looks like the analogue of Snow Maiden, while Ooogie Boogie resembles snowman. This is a really funny Christmas. Fans of Tim Burton’s work will see the true value of this masterpiece.


#14 Preparing to the Holiday

Holiday is always the time of great fun. Preparing for the holiday is twice more fun. On the picture below we can see that Jack Skellington, the King of the Pumpkin, tells about planning the Halloween to the citizens of his town as all of them take part in this preparation during the whole year. The lamp looks like a sculpture made of bronze base consisting of several details and the glass sphere performing the role of the light.


#15 Grotesque Interior

Those people, who like mystical themes and scary movies, will surely appreciate the lamp with the characters of Tim Burton’s story. Such Tiffany lamp will fit most of the interiors as it looks like an elegant lamp with the exception of the picture with Jack and Sally standing on the hill under the moonlight. The lamp grants a good amount of light so it will be comfortable to read or engage in some hobby near it.



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